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About The Travel Store

The Travel Store's mission is to take the hassle out of any sort travel by providing solutions to every travel challenge.

Our History

The Travel Store is what happens when a family owned luggage & travel-related accessories retailer decided to take over a quarter of a century of experience, and use it to create not just a website but a real travel accessories destination—the kind where you lose yourself browsing, because you’re fascinated by the assortment of “innovatively indispensable” travel ideas… stuff that you could never find… but were always looking for… the one of a kind gadgets and gear that only existed in your imagination.

…Until now

From the perfect bag for speeding through security and then slipping snugly-and safely into the overhead compartment to everything you need to turn your car into a corner office—or even conference room (as long as your in “Park” of course), the selection at The Travel Store isn’t assembled as much as it’s crafted to provide you with eye opening options to make any trip regardless if you’re driving, flying, walking, hiking, biking or any combination thereof, that much smoother, simpler and most important smarter. And while we pride ourselves on selection (rather amazing) and savings (even more rather amazing) where we (and thousands of TTS fans) feel we really shine is in our service.


Because that’s where those decades of experience we’re so proud of really come into play.


Well for starters, you won’t find yourself dealing with someone working off a “How Can I Help You?” script half a dozen continents away. Customer service calls and product-related questions are about the only things we treat more seriously than our passion for the stuff we sell.
That’s why we insist on handling them in-house—by our highly trained, obsessed with travel stuff, staff.
No matter if you’re calling to find out if we can track down an item in a discontinued color or because you need a corporate gift that the recipients will actually use—not ‘regift”, you’ll find that our staff will change your mind about customer service calls.
…Even before they track down that discontinued color and help you find those corporate gifts.
In fact, when it comes to customer service, about the only thing we can’t do (besides give the wrong advice) is read minds. That’s why we’re consonantly available to ensure your utter satisfaction, and reaching us is every bit as easy as dealing with us, just drop us a line at or call 718.218.8489.

As the saying goes “we’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied” …though you won’t really understand satisfied until you experience us.